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Storm, Tosca and Moushka

I wanted a dog, Steve wanted a husky. Thats how it all started. We phoned a few breeders who seemed to want to tell us the price, when they were ready to go and little else and we knew that these were not just any dog so we were abit stumped. Then my easy going, quiet, husband happened to be travelling behind a car in North Cornwall one sunny day when lo and behold 2 husky's popped their heads up at the back window. In his astonishment (you don't see many of those down here!) he nearly had an accident. Even stranger still, he jumped out of his usual rather sedate character and proceeded to go totally out of his way and followed the car into Tintagel where he (and they) eventually stopped in a car park. God knows what they thought when the madman that had been following them jumped out and practically begged for a hug with a husky. After convincing them that he was'nt mad just totally in love with their dogs they told him that they had been given them by the husky welfare scheme. They live in Surrey and Steve was completely bowled over when they told him the welfare lady (Joi Barnes) lived just 20 minutes away from us. We were so excited we could'nt wait to ring her and did so that day. We were duly vetted, questioned and re- questioned by Joi who told us all the bits of the house that were going to have to be changed. So there we were making lists of things we would need to build the run, change the locks etc before she had even left the premises. Oh and by the way I forgot to mention the bit about "would 2 dogs be okay"? By then we were in such a state of ecstacy that if she had said 100 dogs we would have agreed. The run was finished in about a month and the day came for the new arrivals. Moushka and Tosca were beautiful. Moushi brown,black and white and Tossie black and white. It was love at first sight. We got on with Joi fantastically and she was and continues to be a strong support for us. However Joi was'nt very well for a short time and during this time she was trying to take into consideration the big demands of a very boisterous puppy called Sparky and asked us if we could help out for a while. Which of course we agreed to. An almost completely white pup of 5 months with just a few black guard hairs and blue eyes arrived on the doorstep not long after and you know when you know something is not going to leave again..... So here we are with 3 dogs and Storm as he is now known is now 2 years. Tosca is 4 and Moushka is 9. We've had christmas trees on the floor, mass escape bids, shredded settee, no corners on the cushiones no complete skirting boards, missing pats of butter, biscuits and on one occasion a sock and a metre of tape cassette that travelled the whole length of a husky!

Sadly now we have been told that Moushka has a tumour growing in her hip bone and it is in-operable so our time with her is limited. We are making the most of every minute though. She has tea in the morning tit bits from everyone, which we never do usually and more cuddles than she knows what to do with. She is a complete house dog now and loving every minute of it.

We love this breed and I can't imagine ever being without a husky now.

Email the owner: Helen & Steve Ward