We Currently have No Foster Space Available,
Any New Dogs Will Be Placed On
 A Waiting List
Until A Space Becomes Available

If you have a Kennel Club registered Siberian Husky we may be able to take him/her into our care. When you call us we will need details from the dogs pedigree and the KC registration document so please have these to hand it will save a lot of time.
If your dog is a pure bred Siberian Husky but is NOT KC-registered please contact SHWA (UK)SHARE RESCUE or HUSKIES IN NEED
If your dog is a Husky X then please contact Huskies in Need or your local animal welfare centre, details in Yellow Pages, from your vet or Dog Warden.


We will ask questions about your dog, including how it is housed, what type of food, any health issues and any temperament problems. We ask you to be completely honest with us as it will help your dog to find a new home much quicker if we have the full facts about him/her. We are unable to take dogs with aggression problems as we are not in a position to offer the specialist care they require.

Once copies of your dog's paperwork have been received by the Welfare Secretary he/she will be placed onto a waiting list to come into one of our foster homes. Our foster homes are all over the country and you will need to travel to them with your dog. Please can you ensure that your dog is wormed and upto date with its vaccinations this is to protect both your dog and the foster homes dogs.

As soon as a foster home becomes available you will be contacted by phone and arrangements can be made to bring your dog in. When you take your dog along we ask that you can leave a little food so that he/she doesn't get an upset tummy, all paperwork, vaccination certificates, micro chip details, and any medical information including vets details and a collar and lead. If your bitch is not spayed we would also need the date of her last season.               We will also ask you to sign an owner relinquish form which gives us ownership and therefore responsibility of the dog and one to sign over the microchip details to us.
Your dog will always remain a SHCGB Welfare dog and will always be able to come to us should any future home not be able to care for him. 
WE ARE A NO KILL rescue which means we will NOT put a dog to sleep regardless of age or time spent in Welfare, unless it is on veterinary advice to stop pain and suffering from ill health or the effects of old age, or if a dog is so aggressive as to be beyond rehabilitation. We do have professional trainers and behaviourist to assess and work with  such dogs and every option is explored before such a decision made.

All dogs are neutered before re homing. All potential new homes are vetted.

We will not be able to let you know where your dog goes, but if you wish, you may contact us once to see that the dog is ok and settled.
As we are funded entirely by donation if you are able to make a small financial donation towards the rehoming of your dog it would be greatly appreciated it costs us £2 a day per dog not including medical expenses. So all monies great and small are most welcome.