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Hello I’m only 7 months old and a real baby still, my owner didn’t want me so sold me to a man who didn’t want me after 4 days because I had a limp and he didn’t want to pay for treatment, he told Auntie welfare I bit his daughter when we both went for a sandwich on the floor, Auntie doesn’t believe him. He left me at the vet. Auntie Denise came & fetched me and took me to live at the Gothic Onion Foster Home it is great there I have friends and cuddles, I am supposed to be quiet and rest but it is very hard. I like to sing which is why Auntie Den has given me my nickname she says we both make her ears bleed!! Today (24th Sept 12) we went to see a special vet he says I have dislocated my knee cap and it has been that way for a long time. I have to have a special operation to correct it and some physiotherapy afterwards and lots of TLC so it will be quite a while before I can find a new home. The lovely vet is going to include my spaying for free. But Auntie says if anyone would like to donate a £1 or more to sponsor my care Welfare would be really grateful, and so would I. 
 Either a bank transfer details in the left hand column or press the Paypal donate button. Please mark any donations for me Dusty
Thank you woo woo woo 
I will write more soon xxxx


Dusty has had her operation and is healing very well she is a happy pupster and is  having physiotherapy and is about to start hydrotherapy (swimming) 

This is her xray the surgeon had to re break her leg remove the incorrectly healed  area of bone then join the two ends and plate and pin into place, these will stay insitu for her lifetime. He also had to re-site her knee cap and deepen the grove in which it sits. Fortunately she did not require any bone grafting.
Any donations towards her treatment and care are gratefully received.


UPDATE ON DUSTY: Dusty went in to have her operation today but instead was just spayed because xrays showed that not only has this poor baby endured an untreated dislocation of the knee cap BUT a BROKEN LEG that has been allowed to heal untreated!! so she will require a much bigger operation involving resetting and stabilisation of the knee cap and rebreaking of the leg removal of the badly healed area resetting pinning plating etc and immobilisation to allow new healing to commence. 
This little girl is very gentle and loving and bares no malice to people it is obvious she is in pain even though she still likes to play.
Our lovely vet is going to have her back in a week for surgery and is planning her rebuild as I write. Thank you for your kind donations please keep them coming.