TWINKLE - Adopted

posted 24 Apr 2011, 08:37 by Unknown user   [ updated 1 Jan 2012, 14:36 by Gina-Luisa Hilborne ]
FEMALE          1 YEAR OLD        KENT
Yippee I'm going to stay here with my foster family forever because I have really bonded with the pack and them and they understand my scardy cat moments and there are no children. I'm so happy we have even moved to a bigger place so they can keep me and still look after Huskies like me who need to find forever homes - of course I have told them that I'm not sharing them with anymore so they can't keep any only look after for a little bit. 
Hello it's me Twinkle I'm still waiting for my forever home I am a really sweet llittle girl. I would love to be part of a small family ( no little people) with a dog for company go for walks and be a pet husky with cuddles and playtime.
Well I was going to go and live with a really nice young couple but they have decided they  want to start a family of their own and little people scare me a bit so they didn't feel it would be fair to take me home with them in case it made me very sad one day. So Im going to stay with FM and wait until you come for me
A home with no kids would be ideal but I guess teenagers will are ok, if they are willing to help out looking after me to build my confidence. Definitely no small children.

I would be ok with a couple of dogs but not a large pack as I dont like to share the attention too much! If there was someone with no dogs at home, but that could walk me with a few dogs daily, this would be ok as I am more confident when out with another dog but I like my own space at home.

A patient home is a must as I am a typical bouncy 1 yr old, but I will give all the love back ten fold! Someone who doesnt mind licking is also a must!!! 
Me again I've moved house as I was so attatched to my foster mum it wasn't doing me any good and
I was really scared of all sorts of silly things. Well new FMis a Doggie Teacher and she is helping me be brave and learn lots of new things so hopefully I will soon be able to have a forever home.
Hello my name is Twinkle and I've just arrived  at my foster mum's house. I couldn't stay at my old home because I needed too much attention and exercise. I like it here so far there are lots of other huskies and people to give me cuddles and play with.