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  Me on the Left
I'd just like to say a big thankyou to Aunty welfare for letting me go and live with Sash, Simba and their very nice humans, They've let me find my own places to lie, we do have the odd little growl at each other but nothing nasty and they do let me curl up with them both sometimes. I even get to go to a place that Dad calls 'work' and it's got nice big fields that he runs us round a couple of times a day.
When we're not all at work, we have some good long walks, 5 or 6 hours sometimes and good runs with the scooter which is what i like best. Dad's also got some planks that he puts on his feet when it snows and we pull him on those, we had to do that the other day to get to work.
We all get a chicken wing every day and some kibble, I keep playing dad up about brushing and won't sit still especially when i see a furminator, dad gets a bit cross with me but i still get a big hug.
Sash and Simba both came from other homes as well, Sash is an old man cos he'll be 13 soon and gets a bit grumpy but says he loves his forever home as well, Simba isn't a proper Sibe, she has a sibe mum and a labrador dad (mum had no taste obviously) so she gets called a siberian labrador, she's 7 and even though she eats the same as us, and runs the same  she's still a little 'round'
Once again thankyou aunty welfare
lots of wags n licks