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We went to Aviemore with our foster family and Auntie Joe took us for a spin we are in wheel (the back two) we had great fun we aren't going to win any races but we do love a good run.  
on the left is Oona before her owner took 'ill' and as she is now deep in thought

This is Looma as she is now blowing her coat again, and on the left when she was in RSPCA Kennels.

When my sister and I arrived at Foster Mum's from kennels our new little person Alfie took one look and called us Oompah Loompahs because we were orange and fat - how rude! 
Our old owner had a problem and didn't look after us so the Royal Society rescued us and when we were ready gave us to Auntie to look after.
We are slimmer now and ready for our furever home we are loving fun and enjoy a walk or a wee run in harness, we get on with other dogs and little people and we must go together.