The Joker (booked)

posted 16 Sept 2009, 08:24 by Unknown user   [ updated 25 Jan 2010, 13:30 by Gina-Luisa Hilborne ]
AGE: 18months SEX: male EYES: Bi eyes LOCATION: Northants TYPE OF HOME: Active/working small pack or other dog
Hi, I am The Joker, joker by name, joker by nature!! My foster humans say I am a typical adolescent teenager!!

I am 16 months old, with endless amounts of energy!! I LOVE to play, run and joke around. EVERYTHING is funny to me. My foster humans say I need to go to an experienced home, as i can be a handful and so my new humans need to be prepared for this. I have been known to 'push my luck', attempt to escape and do what I want when I want, I am head strong and have very selective hearing, but only in a fun & friendly way!! My foster humans say i don't have a bad bone in my body & i am really a giant puppy!!

I would really like my new humans to let me work in a harness, as this is the only way i am going to settle down, they think i will be a good 'wheel' dog as i don't listen to commands and like to chase.

I am really good with children and other dogs males & females, but i am too bouncy around older dogs, there is a geriatric welfare husky where i live and i love to annoy him but he gets upset with me, so he has to stay inside until i calm down.

My foster humans say i really need to be with other canine friends, as i have never been on my own, i would only be OK on my own if a human was home ALL the time and i could follow them round and get in their way, as i do suffer from separation anxiety, so am much happier with a companion.

If you would like to give me a home, which i know you would then please contact the Welfare Godmothers on the welfare phone number....