posted 23 Jun 2013, 05:25 by Unknown user   [ updated 22 Jul 2013, 08:05 ]

                                    FEMALE     21 months    TYNE & WEAR

Hello my foster dad calls me Little Miss Fluffy Bum, which would be a great code name but Auntie welfare is still on her Spartacus kick so SYBIL it is becasue I'm quiet and gentle and loving.

I am as you can see boss eyed! Foster dad has had me eye tested and it is a condition called Bilateral Medial Strabismus and does not affect my sight at all and won't be any bother in the future, I just look different. I am also rather a fluffy coat I have had a really could groom so you can't tell but Auntie W reckons the ears give it away and I will be a woolly coat so good grooming routine is going to be very important.
I have spent all my life in a flat, with my owners so I am very human orientated at the moment and Auntie Den reckons I have no spark and walk like an old dog.
Went for a walk today with my new friends and I enjoyed it FD said my tail was up and so was my head which is good I also like having husky friends.
I reckon that it won't take me very long to turn back into a proper young Husky again.