posted 13 Oct 2010, 06:48 by Unknown user   [ updated 3 Apr 2011, 05:23 by Gina-Luisa Hilborne ]

5 Year old        Female        Suffolk/Norfolk Border
How lovely I've got my forever home  I've gone to live withanother welfare husky called Mya  I was sad to say bye bye to Sweetpea but I love my new friend and my new family  it is way better than living outside all the time and I get walks EVERYDAY!
Hello  me and my adopted sister have come to Stay with Auntie as our original owner became to ill to look after us then our new owner had family problems and didn't want us any more. I am very affectionate and like little humans. I love going for walks and would given the chance enjoy going for jogs or bicycle runs, I have basic training, I do like to take your hand to show you I love you. Auntie says I need to have a proper home soon before her bunch of thugs corrupt me!
Love Sweetiepiexx