SURA - Adopted

posted 12 Jun 2013, 13:50 by Unknown user   [ updated 28 Feb 2014, 04:02 by Unknown user ]

Well, apparently it is not acceptable to escape and munch other living creatures so the kind men in uniform agreed to give me a second chance and voilà  here I am in welfare. It doesn't seem like a prison at all, my foster home are lovely and say I'm due for parole which they've explained will involve going to a lovely new family who will love me and hug me and keep me forever, hurrah! . 

I'm red and white, fit and healthy, good with children and other dogs. I don't like being on my own, and apparently I am a good escape artist and have a high prey drive. Well I was hungry, tut! Can you offer me a lovely new home? xxx

Tee hee no matter how hard foster mum tries I won't look at the camera! 

My foster friend has shown me how to open doors!! she and I took ourselves for a walk - as it was not as much fun as we thought it would be we came straight back when FM called. She was very happy to see us. We aren't allowed in the room with the door now :(
My new home will have to make sure doors are locked and I am not about if they are answered.
I am a very loving girl and I like to talk and I enjoy walks and playing with my friends