SPHINX -adopted

posted 16 Mar 2013, 15:18 by Unknown user   [ updated 24 Oct 2013, 08:28 ]
MALE    20 MONTHS 2 years   TYNE & WEAR

A new fowteegruff of me haven't I grown into a handsome boy I can really shift in harness too. But I can't run at SHCGB as my paperwork got lost Other organisations may let me compete but you would need to check with them. Still more to working huskies than pot hunting I just like to run with my friends and musher.

This is my fowtygruff Auntie says  look like a window licker!! I'm not sure if she is being rude or not but my foster mam says I am a very cuddly loving gentle lad so there!!!

Auntie has called me Sphinx because apparently I look like one in the above picture. I don't know what one of those is...do you eat them or play with them?

As you can see I like to be on top of things so I can see everything that goes on, It also means I can inspect FM's shopping bags and such like which she puts on the table for me to ensure there are no booty traps!
Also  it is a perfect stage for me to perform my arias from...I am a very good singer!

I am also very playful loving and rather a comical  lad not to mention  gorgeous  you can't really see them but I lovely blue eyes . I am used to little people and other dogs and have been part of the family. FM is going to let me have a go on her scooter  I'm not sure if it is a Vespa or one of those Lambruscos? Sounds fun though.

I am all ready for my furever home so give  the Adoption ladies a ring  please.