SHAGGY (Ready for homing)

posted 11 Dec 2009, 05:44 by Unknown user   [ updated 8 May 2010, 08:13 by Gina-Luisa Hilborne ]
8th may 10
Yipppeeee I have a lovely new family to call my own I will let you know how I get on xxxx
Well unfortunately things didn't quite work out for me at my new home so here I am agin looking for my forever home.
I have decided that even though I am living quite happily with a mixed packed of huskies I want to be an only dog that way I can have all the cuddles, attention and titbits! haha
As you can see I have a long coat so I will need regular grooming which isnt my favourite pass time but I will let you do it.
I want a home where I can be a pet husky I need daily walks but I don't feel the need to pull you or run very fast.
I like the little girl who lives here with me, I don't mind children as I am not boisterous but no other dogs.