SEVEN ( Homed)

posted 23 Aug 2009, 16:36 by Unknown user   [ updated 21 Mar 2013, 12:47 by Gina-Luisa Hilborne ]
AGE: 22Months   SEX: Female COLOUR: Dilute & White EYES:Brown
LOCATION: Suffolk/Norfolk Border


I've only been at Auntie a couple of hours but I am already at home. I am a very sweet friendly and confident little girl I have already met the entire pack and got on well, I have been playing with the puppy but they have all gone to sleep now so Im not quite sure what to do now? Hang on 17.58 I get fed at 6pm at home so I'd better tell Auntie ...whine whine.... Ok she's got the message so she has to stop typing now cos I may just fade away from the lack of food (breakfast was ages ago).
I definately want a new home with husky friend(s) and I really would like to do biking or working on a team or scooter, I think will let you know for definate after tomorrow, I can already go 4 miles with a bike with a springer (attachment not dog)
Ran in a 5 dog team last night it was terrific Uncle Sooty said I was very good at it. So please may I have a husky friend or 2 0r 6 and a working home scooter or biking or rigs as long as I can run and play.