PONY-BOY: Adopted

posted 9 Apr 2010, 08:48 by Unknown user   [ updated 25 Jul 2010, 05:46 by Gina-Luisa Hilborne ]
 Male 1 yrs old Tyne & Wear
New photo arent I handsome?
I am a happy, loving boy, active good with little people and other dogs.
I will need to continue my training so I can be a good doggie citizen and I like to be busy.

Well Im all better now full of beans and looking for my forever home. I am a big boy , lively and loving. I will need a home willing to continue my training (I still snaffle things that aren't mine) and keeping me exercised.

Cool Im allowed to go for little walks and go on soaked kibble and soft foods so my tummy doesnt get strained. Stitches out next week, According to veterinary sources I have been a very lucky boy.

It was my birthday on Sunday I am a whole year old! I had sausages for my birthday tea shshs dont tell the vet.

Apparantly I've been ill? I don't feel it and Im very bored having to stay in my crate and not run ablout and play with my friends, and I am sick of chicken and pasta.

Oh dear Im a poorly boy I've had to have a big operation on my tummy. When I was at my old home I was naughty and ate two carrier bags Auntie and FP's didn't know this until they got stuck in my tummy and I was very poorly, luckily FM was on the case and I am slowly on the mend FM is taking very good care of me and hopefully I will soon be up and about agin.

Hello I've just arrived at the FP's house I did have a go at throwing my weight around but Nana Muz put me straight about a few things, as have the FP's so Im getting the hang of being a good boy now. FM is taking me to get a little op - not sure what that means - wonder if you can eat it ? I like food, everyone says I've been fed the wrong food (silly vet) so Im on a diet :0( Will let you all know how I get on after I've eaten my Op nom nom.