OPIE adopted

posted 18 Oct 2010, 09:49 by Unknown user   [ updated 21 Nov 2010, 05:28 by Gina-Luisa Hilborne ]
MALE        3 YEARS        SUFFOLK
Hello I arrived in the same sorry state as my friend Cutiepie I was very stressed as I was trying to protect her as I knew she was so very frightened I was to, but I was trying to be brave for her. Anyway FD (Foster Dad) He let me know that I need not worry, that was what he was for and I was able to relax and get well again.
 FD is great and now I am just how I was always meant to be happy and loving Im a really chilled out chap infact FD reckons I'd make a dead good first husky for some one. I like if possible though to go with Cutiepie and she does need someone with experience in the breed I'm ok I'm used to her! she nags a bit but well I tune her out you chaps understand how it is (wink