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I am Olympia (pretty black stripe) and this is my sister Londinia ( pretty white stripes)         
 (Yes I Know it's Londinium but it was too butch - Auntie Welfare x)

We are devoted sisters who must be re-homed together, we absolutley love to be cuddled and petted and made a fuss of, we enjoy walks, but have had a go at this working thing we really enjoyed it but will have to have dogs that know what they are doing to teach us, we don't really need to do this it might be fun to go with you on the bike though or jogging as part of  your fitness regime. We also like swimming and camping!  Our foster mum has young humans and other dogs and we are fine with them. 
You really need us to look after you

We are ideal fitness coaches -we stop you sitting down!!
And take you for lovely strolls down the by the river  we also give swimming instruction and demos

 I Olympia will praise you when you do well

& I Londinia will Give you 'The Look' when you don't'. Step a-way from the biscuit tin.

See how have you possibly got this far without us?? Phone Auntie now!