BILLY THE KID adopted 27th Aug 10

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MALE                  14 MONTHS                  HULL

 This is me wiv my mate Kacie she helps her daddy look after me we have lots of fun together

This is what my foster Dad sez about me
Sonny is a very friendly outgoing boy, who just loves people and other dogs. He is very playful and will play with anyone or anything that will entertain him. ( that includes my trainers) ;D
He loves his toy, especially the squeaky ones, which surprisingly he doesn’t destroy!
He is really good around my little girl and can be very gentle.
He has no real issues and is a very happy dog, as long as he gets his walks and his food. He loves his walks and is well behaved on his walks, he does pull when he spots another dog that he wants to play with. He can be a bit full on for some smaller dogs, but he is totally harmless and just wants to play.
He also enjoys going out on the bike with me and has also had a go on the rig with the other. He has great potential and with some training could make a really good team dog for someone just starting out.
He loves his food and allways finishes his meals with no fuss and has changed food with no problems.
Sonny lives indoors and is fully house trained and quite well behaved, he has his mischievous moments but nothing you wouldn’t expect from a big puppy! ;D
Sonny does spend quite a lot of time outside playing with the others, but is not to keen when it comes to shutting him in the pen and will start to whine after a couple of hours.
He is a really lovely boy and an absolute pleasure to have.

Ideal home:

Active family home, with another dog as a play mate.
Chex in da post FD!