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I don't like my photy took so Fdad had to hold on tight.

Razzz don't want my photi took   
Ha Ha I got loose this is much more interesting

06/05/13 - WHOOPIE I am in my forever home with my wonderful new family and I am so happy we go for great long walks and pikkynik and paddling and cuddles. I'm not Mr Lonely any more!

31/01/13 How exciting some peoples are coming to see me at the weekend to see if I would like to live with them.  

I came into Welfare with my very bestest friend we were only a few months apart in age and had always been together, sadly he collapsed the week after we arrived and although Foster dad and the Vet did their best he went to live at the rainbow bridge and I am all alone. Foster dad is lovely and there are doggies here but it isn't the same and I live outside in a kennel here and I am a houseboy really I miss my radiator and rug.
I am a lovely boy well behaved good on the lead used to small people and another dog. I really want a family again.