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Male     5 years     Dorset 

I am doing really well I am learning lots of commands, I like my crate very much, and I love being brushed and hugs, I like to sit and have a chat with you, and join in husky play. I am good with small people to I am a proper family pet husky I really like walks and company. I am ready for my furever family.

Well what an adventure I've had first off mam n dad part company then the landlord kicks us out then I have to go somewhere different to me bestest mate  and say goodbye to my little children, and I was very scared and the new place was all blokes and I didn't like it even though the people were nice so I cried and cried and cried. 
Then I went for a really long ride in lots of different vehicles but I was a very good boy and it was fun meeting Auntie and Chris and now I am in a new foster home and I am happy I have only a couple of huskies to play with this is my new mate a sleep with me, and a wee one to wash as well.  I have been for loads of lovely walks and got to have a run around in a special play area. I also have had a humongous bath but I am still very mucky and F.Mum says that my coat is so knotted the vet will have to tackle it when I have my little op next week (wonder what that is all about?) as you can see my old Mam has already had the scissors at me!
They say I have a wooly coat Auntie reckons its more very dense and not been looked after properly but that it will grow back in properly in time. 
Any hoo more about me as I settle in. TTFN 
Oh My name is because my coat is soooo bad I was a bit crispy when I came in!!