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Female        Red & White     Brown eyes     Suffolk
AWESOME I have a new Mum & Dad not only that but my new husky brother and sister are red just like me - naturally we hit it off well. I have also got a Springer Nana who is the boss.
FM says I must be a good girl (where's the fun in that?) as if I end up in jail again she won't bail me out (she will really Im too darling to be in the pound) Thnks FM & Pack for taking care of me but I have a much better home now cos I can live indoors and sleep on the bed haha xxx
I have been here before I ran away from home and ended up in the pound and Auntie rescued me , my owners never looked for me which made me sad. I am currently staying with Auntie I live outside in a small group of other Huskies, but I really would like to come indoors again (I do come in for a bit but it's not the same) I get on with the boys and girls I live with but I am a little bossy Auntie also says Im greedy ha you should see her! any way I've lost weight which is more than Auntie can say lol. Auntie reckons any opportunity to go through an opening I will so I really will need a secure home and garden I don't climb or jump just sneak through your legs! I am used to a family but given my panchants for open doors maybe older children would be better. I  don't like cats, AND I CAN OPEN DOORS ESPECIALLY FRONT DOORS!!