Lil Diva -adopted

posted 5 Dec 2012, 15:44 by Unknown user   [ updated 2 Apr 2013, 07:27 ]
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FEMALE  1 year

well I settled in so quickly and have been so brilliant my foster home have kept me. Turns out they are my perfect family Auntie said she knew this which was why I went there because they were wanting to adopt a dog. 
I am on my fifth home! And I don't know why? I am a very friendly playful girl well behaved on the lead and at home if you are there. I love other dogs to play with and live well with other huskies. It's just that when my human goes out and I am left even with other dogs I panic and I cry and jump about. Auntie thinks I was taken away from my mummy and siblings too young and i bonded with my human who made a big fuss of me and the re-homed me, then gradually as each human as left me my separation anxiety has worsened and now I am hysterical.
So I need a home where someone is home all day and can help me learn that it is OK to be left for a while as you will come back.
I am a very good girl as long as someone is around the house. 
I am on the move again as my current foster home cant keep me as they have to go out a lot. I am so sad please can you be my forever home so I don't have to worry any more?