Kokum - Adopted

posted 31 Mar 2014, 06:37 by Unknown user   [ updated 1 Jul 2014, 02:52 ]

Female -12 Years

Kokum is ready to be rehomed. Welfare would really like to see Kokum in her forever home. She has been in welfare for far too long and there is a chance that Kokum may well be Deaf or at least hard of hearing, as a result Welfare have decided to offer Kokum for adoption without an adoption fee.
Here's what Kokum's foster mum said this about her:

'Kokum is such a sweet girl who doesn't act 12 years of age at all, she is very active, loves her walks and really enjoys running around on her extender lead'.

'Kokum is very well behaved in the house just chills out and enjoys a good fuss and cuddles. she will, given the chance though root through your bin or pinch things off the side, but what husky wouldn't.....haha'.

'Kokum is very chilled out around other dogs, she is currently living with 2 girls and one male of varied ages and doesn't have a problem with any of them, she just keeps her self to herself and will go lie down if she doesn't want to join in with play'.

'Kokum is great with dogs and people out on walks, very polite when saying hello and then just continues on with her own business'.

'Kokum is good with children just walks away when she has enough, although, I would recommend a home with older children or dog savvy kids as she may try to snatch food out of their hand, but just to clarify she is not aggressive just cheeky'.

'In her time with us she has become a lot more confident and relaxed. She has shown no aggression towards any dog or human and just loves to mull around and relax'.

'Kokum will make someone a lovely companion and friend and is a very easy dog look after. She is fine to be left for up to 3- 4 hours with no problem. We do crate her tho to stop her getting in to mischief when we are out which she really has no problem with'.