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                          FEMALE        14 MONTHS        WILTSHIRE

Kenzie needs a home, forever and a day....

Her first week - wary and unsure
We are fostering Kenzie  on behalf of Siberian Husky Club of Great Britain Welfare.  Anyone interested in offering Kenzie a forever home will need to apply through SHCGB and will be thoroughly vetted to ensure that they can provide with the home that she deserves.
Exploring the garden....
My ideal home for would be someone like me, twenty years ago….  She will bond strongly with someone that gives her time and love.  She will make a brilliant running partner for an older child or adult.  She will happily run in front or beside and can run very quickly.  She also runs very well in a team, very focussed and not easily distracted.  Being a husky, she is very pack oriented and as such it would be best that she finds a family who already have another dog.
She is a husky in looks and attitude.  She will hunt small creatures, she will question authority, she will leave fur all over your house and she will be hard work.  However she will also show you love, teach you how to love running and to love life.  She will show you just how amazing dogs can be even if they have a terrible start in life.  Everyone deserves a second chance and this little girl is already making the most of hers….

Kenzie is approximately 14 months old - we have given her the birth date of 21st October 2011.  She is a Siberian Husky and is silver grey and white with blue eyes, weighing 18kg.  Lara is a very small, but perfectly proportioned female husky.  No obvious faults, she does run a little wide behind, but this may change as her muscle development and fitness increase.
Her background
Kenzie spent the first year of her life on a puppy farm.  She has had at least one litter of puppies.  Poorly socialised and unkempt when rescued (she smelled terribly) she has overcome the issues associated with poor socialisation very quickly.  She has shown no sign of physical abuse, just untrusting of humans and very unsure of new experiences.   
House living
Lara has had no “accidents” since she moved in.  She happily used the dog door from day one and went up and down stairs with no hesitation.  She liked to lie on window sills when she first arrived, but she has stopped trying to do this in the past few weeks.  Would happily sleep on the bed/ sofa – she is not allowed to do this, and reluctantly accepts that rule!
Walking/ collar and leads
The first few weeks involved lots of spinning and walking with belly to the floor.  Her collar is always fitted very securely as she once escaped from it by spinning and running backwards when it was a little loose!  She will now walk happily on her own and with the other huskies, although she does pull a little when the whole pack is walked together.  She prefers the left hand side when walking/ running.  She will also mischievously spin around and paw or grab her lead if we are not moving quickly enough, she does respond when told “no”….
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The first time a harness was fitted, she went into extreme “shut down” mode, indicating that she had previously experienced trauma that she associated with a harness.  With a lot of time and effort she has overcome this fear and will now happily wait while her harness is fitted.
She once escaped from her harness when I tried to negotiate a kissing gate with three huskies – the harness was a hand me down from the boys, therefore did not fit perfectly.  She does not come when called and therefore I had no option other than sprint home with the boy huskies and hope that she followed alongside.  Fortunately she did, ignoring numerous potential distractions during the run and choosing to run within feet of us at all times.  Her harness is now “padlocked” to her until her own “lady husky sized” harness arrives…!
First trip to the vets
The first time Kenzie visited the vets she was very scared and hid behind Kroi for the entire duration of the visit.  In the car she destroyed “stuff” during the journey and panicked when the door was opened.
Solo trip to the vets
6 weeks later and I took her to the vets on her own.  She was impeccably behaved in the car and in the vets.  I even left her alone in the car while I popped into a local shop – I could see her the whole time and all she did was sit waiting patiently.  She wouldn’t look at the vet, but she happily stood while she treated her.  Her heart rate remained very low the entire time we were out – I kept checking it….
The love of her life... "Kroi"
Other dogs
No aggression towards any dogs or bitches that she has met.  A little fearful of very large and rude dogs, but she will tell them to back off and then ignore them if they do.  She is rather pushy with our boy huskies, but they are very chilled dogs and tolerant.  She does show respect when they have had enough and tell her off.
Other animals
 Kenzie is a husky and as such does have a very high prey drive.  She is very quick to spot rats in trees, low flying and ground dwelling birds.  She is becoming desensitised to horses and cows as we encounter them daily.
Running her first parkrun
kenzie is affectionate towards Ian and me and is very responsive to my voice.  She is a little nervous of adults when she first meets them.  However she has run amongst other human runners and run with people that she has met for the first time prior to the run, all without any issues.  She is very relaxed and friendly with children of all ages.
Stealing things                    
For the first few weeks of staying with us, nothing was safe.  She transported tea towels, wooden spoons, clothes, and even watches outside and deposited them in muddy holes.  She was also spotted trying to take a computer mouse outside, while still attached to the computer!  The only items that she has actually destroyed were the Garmin watch and wooden spoons.  Her stealing has become less of an issue and in the past few weeks all that she has removed has been tea towels and dish cloths, which tend to just get left on the kitchen floor.
Running with the boys
I have not yet found anything that  does not eat!  She has a very tolerant stomach (unusual for most huskies) and always eats everything that is placed in her bowl.  She has been known to also try and eat her bowl!  She is very gentle when taking food from my hand and has never shown any aggression when I have approached her and touched her as she eats bones.
What Lara would love to do..
Running/ working
Kenzie loves running and working in harness with the other huskies.  She is not a strong puller, but she does not stop unless told to.  I have been running her solo and she improves every time.  Always stays in front of me and responds very well to commands.  We have been gradually building up her fitness and she will now happily run for several hours at trotting pace and will run at sub 5 minute mile pace with the other huskies and me.  Today we did achieve 4 minute mile pace for ¼ of a mile on a rutted and grassy uphill trail.  I slowed them down after that distance as I am not yet ready to try running down hill at that pace while three huskies are attached to me!!
Eaten by a snake...
Kenzie loves toys, in particular she loves removing the stuffing from toys.  She likes to take them outside, leaving them in the mud – Kroi then frantically rushes around trying to save his favourite ones and bring them back inside.

(Photos courtesy of Ian J Berry, Newbury parkrun & me....)