JONI - Adopted

posted 23 Jul 2011, 05:37 by Unknown user   [ updated 15 Sept 2011, 06:37 by Gina-Luisa Hilborne ]
FEMALE        6 MONTHS OLD        GWENT 

Hello Auntie has called me Joni (Mitchell) as I'm living with Santana & we also have a Woodstock in Welfare - Auntie is reliving the Sixties this month! Anyway  I'm sure you've noticed but are too polite to mention that my left ear is a little lacking in height? Well what happened was..........My owner had to go to hospital so I went to stay with my doggy friends up the road only when I got there they weren't very nice to me after all, and one of them bit my ear off!!!, It really hurt but I was very brave, poor Mummy couldn't afford the vet but she looked after my poorly ear very well, she was very upset, she also forgot she was moving and couldn't take me with her (her head was a bit muddly) So she called Auntie who was very worried about my ear, so she called my Foster Mummy (FM) who jumped into her car straight away a brought me here. I like it here but it would be well cool to have my own family.
Although I have working potential I could be happy in an active family too.
"A lovely little girl and I do mean girl as she is a propper little girly girl so much so that I just couldn't resist giving her a nice pink collar and lead. She loves to run around with the rest of the pack playing and when they are all wanting to sleep she still wants to play :-)
Although she is a normal outgoing puppy she does have a timid and very loving side to her. She has  lead dog potential and loves going for walks and pulls well like all good working sled dogs. She has also been to many Game FayerS and Steam Rallies with us and just loves all the attention she gets from the public.
She will make a lovely working dog with great social skills and will just drop into any pack. She love attention from all humans big and small so would benifit from a family setting for her forever home".