ILYTHIA - Adopted

posted 12 Jun 2013, 13:46 by Unknown user   [ updated 6 Jul 2013, 03:24 ]


She is such a lovely affectionate girl. in the time that we have had her so far she has made a complete turn around confidence wise. she will now greet people that come round straight away rather than hiding away and isnt so afraid of noises around the house like before.

now that she has put some weight on and built up some muscle i have started to take her to training with me. WOW what a different dog, she makes a complete transformation when in harness, she is cool calm and very confident. infact she starting to put my two to shame. storm loves to run and is just so focused and seems to have picked up commands super quickly. after seeing how confident she is i decided to mix up my team abit and last night storm did her first run as a lone lead dog and she did me so proud the 4 miles went without a singe problem.

what a fab dog this little angel has become she is going to make someone a beautiful friend. ;D