HOBNOB - Adopted

posted 28 Sept 2010, 10:33 by Unknown user   [ updated 16 Nov 2010, 12:35 by Gina-Luisa Hilborne ]
MALE        10 Months old        TYNE & WEAR 
I've just arrived at foster mam and dad's  and they say I am a darling I am a very good boy I travel well have manners am loving and have working potential what ever that is. Fmam said I was dead tatty and a bit niffy even after we'd had a shower together!! well I'didn't know where to look I can tell you, as you cans see Im still blushing (im really grey!!) Anyway I went to a doggy barbers today and don't I look bootiful? tonight Foster Da is taking me out on a scooter I hope he has a spare helmet Im rather excited Ive never ridden on one before I quite fancy myself as a Mod. Will let you know how it goes, off to find me Parker and WHO albums. PS Hobnob was FM's idea she recckons I look like a chocolate hobnob cos I have chocolate bits and golden bits and gingery bits and Im sweet!

 Wowee I'm going to live in The Scottish Highlands with Atticus who was in Welfare in the summerand we are going to be a two dog team for our new Mam as well as spoilt house dogs we get fresh salmon every week from the local estate!!