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UPDATE 01/01/11

Cheeko and I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year   A special mention to everyone who looked after Cheeko each time he came back to welfare, without you all we certainly would not have him today.

A little update....

Cheeko has been with us now for 7 months, we cant believe how quickly the time has passed; it feels like he has always been part of our family; I cant imagine him not ever being here.

We have had a fantastic winter so far for Huskies here in Edinburgh, Cheeko and Kiska have loved all the snow and have recently returned from a weeks holiday were they were ruined with our company 24/7 !!!

Our boy has settled in well, he is an extremely laid back and cool guy - no one can pass him by without saying hello and making comments.  He loves all the attention and is happy to oblige with kisses and cuddles.   

He is getting better on the leash, we have gone through various types of collar's, harnesses and walky belts (only because he tore a muscle in my upper arm).  I did think an 8 year old boy would of been a little bit easier with regards to pulling power....   I could swear welfare have added a couple of years onto his age  

He loves his new pal, they get along really well, neither of them seem to jostle for top dog status.  They have had a couple of scraps in the time he has been here but thankfully nothing too serious....only ever over food and its usually my girl who instigates it.   Cheeko has taken to joining Kiska in her bed, I wouldn't really say the bed is big enough for 2 huskies but they manage to squeeze in - it is a wonderful sight !

Cheeko is still not that keen on smaller dogs, its not that he doesn't like them exactly...they are something to hunt ! He knows he could have a lot of fun with them especially if he was not on the leash ! Ive learned in the 7 months how to read his body language....he doesn't give any obvious warnings to little dogs who are under his feet pestering him.....I now recognise that turn of the ear and raise of the eyebrow ! 

Cheeko has also discovered his voice !  Our neighbours always know when we arrive home or if its feeding time....he has a huge pair of lungs on him! We've also learned that the morning alarm clock triggers his talking....not sure where that stems from but if its not turned off within seconds he sings at the top of his voice........it sure gets me out of bed quick     He is maybe cleverer than he looks .........

Cheeko and I have recently taken up CaniX - because he was worked in harness he has taken to it no problem.  I'm still having fun getting used to the bungee line, we had a near miss only today whereby I was inches from being head first in the canal as he persued a rabbit !  All good fun !

I hope that welfare have a successful year ahead, you do a grand job, and from the bottom of my heart I thank you for my Cheeko boy; my gorgeous blue eyed best friend


I would like to thank everyone who helped me adopt our new boy. 

Following the passing of our eldest sibe I knew I couldn't leave it too long to find a friend for our younger husky girl.  I had decided a while ago after stumbling across the welfare site that a rescue would be my next addition.  I was surprised to see so many dogs in welfare and waiting to go in and just wanted to do something to help...after all my family has been blessed with 2 adorable dogs for the last 14 years.

Instantly I fell in love with a handsome boy, he has been living in a loving foster home with his mum and dad but he really deserved a home of his own! Several calls later and a long long drive from Scotland to Thretford we all finally got to meet our new boy !  I new right away he was the one and thankfully he felt the same.

After 2 weeks I can happily report he has settled into his new home, he gets on very well with his new buddy Kiska.  There is an occasional growl but nothing major, they are starting to sleep next to each that's when our boy is not wedged between us on the bed   

He is a fabulous running companion for me, I am enjoying being pulled up the harder parts of my running routes.....nice that I have someone to help when I am tired.  He loves his new home, he is definitely pampered as our dogs live in doors and are somewhat spoilt for comforts ! 

He enjoys long walks to the beach, along the canal, to the quarry and local park; he is getting used to other dogs but isn't too sure on the nosey ones who are off the leash and run straight for him (dont blame him) ! 

He has met most of his new family and all of our friends - his big blue eyes just melted their hearts !

I would just like to thank everyone from Welfare, we have been blessed. I was ready for any problems that could of arose, but so far he has been great....

a slightly older boy, who is well behaved (need to remember to make sure I don't leave food on the kitchen tops - habit I got out of years ago with my other 2 sibes   ), a little bit serious - I'm sure that will change, after all he has worked most of his life & is very disciplined - I will get some nonsense into his head eventually, he is gentle, laid back and simply adorable.  I'm glad he was in welfare for nearly 2 years otherwise we would of missed out on our Cheeko xx