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                                        FEMALE     16 WEEKS OLD   SUFFOLK
WooHOO how fast was that? Im going to live with Alphabet and Vanash and Spotty Dog and be a caniX champion just like tham and get to see foreign lands like Scotland and Wales! Im so excited
 Thankfully Auntie has chosen designers for codenames this month and not easter themes so I am not tulip or bunny or chick! phew.
I am in Welfare because the Landlord said 'only 2 dogs' and I was number 3, that and I was getting a bit much for the Chihauhau's I lived with. FM says I am a typical Siberian Husky puppy so let that serve as your warning she says I am very busy ( codename for naughty) active, playful, loving and will definately need a doggie friend to live with. I also get very worried when FM goes out and I cry lots and worry she calls it separation anxiety, so I will need patience and understanding as well as gentle training to get me used to being left with just my canine buddy and no human. FM also says I really need my new home very soon as I am getting very settled in at hers. So give me ring okay?