posted 20 Jun 2011, 10:56 by Unknown user   [ updated 4 Oct 2011, 09:05 by Gina-Luisa Hilborne ]
Hi I've just arrived at Foster Mam n Dad's, my owner has been working away and now might have to go away for a bit so thought it best I find a new home. Which to be honest I'm cool with cos it was dead boring being stuck in my dog run all day never going no where or seeing anyone. Here I've already been to Costa Coffee and had cuddles off the manager and played with the other huskies that live here and had Pee'ing competions with Murphy the Jack Russel this is his lamp post - HOW COOL IS THAT? - having your very own lamp post in your garden to wee up. I've also had a bath cos I was stinky and a brush as I was a bit matted FM called them dredlocks under my collar was an inch of mud and when they pulled in off all my hair under it came off with it! Anyway because of the mud dreds and smell Auntie has called me Glastonbury she is such a wag!