GANNY & GADGIE - Welfare Residents for sponsorship

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BROTHER & SISTER         13yrs        LINCS

Due to our ordeal it has taken us a long time to recover and trust humans again, because of this it is in our best interest to stay in welfare settled and happy with our  foster mum BUT she needs help financially to look after our medical needs and care. All donations tiny or humungus we don't mind all are most greatfully received

We are coming on in leaps and bounds with all the love and care our wonderful Foster Mum and Dad are giving us. When we went shopping for our doggie treats there was a Photie Togrufa and he took our picaturs I think we look bootifool. It was our birthday this month (June) we are now 12 but but we don't act it or look it.

This was us a few months ago we were sad and frightened 
Hello Auntie has called us Gadgie and Ganny in honour of the Geordie lads who drove all the way down from the North to the South to pick us and our Kennel mates up and take us to our foster homes - It is a term for an elderly lady and gent.
Ganny is my sister she is white and I'm Gadgie I'm grey.
We used to have a lovely life running in a very fast racing team, when we got too old our owner let us stay with someone he thought would love us as much as he did. After a few years she left us and our friends to starve to death, you may have met some of them on here.
Ganny nearly died she was so very weak when the lovely lady rescued us she had to be carried to her house and nursed like a puppy, as you can see a year later she is still very slim as am I the vet says some is our age but it will take a very long time to get us plump again. 
When we were well enough to leave the lovely lady sent us and some more of our friends to Auntie who has found us a lovely foster mum and dad, (sadly our original owner couldnt take us back due to ill health)
We are elderly but we enjoy walks and treats Ganny always finds them in your pockets all we want is a loving home, a warm bed, interesting walks and cuddles forever,.
Would you be able to offer us that we do need to be together.