posted 3 Nov 2011, 09:02 by Unknown user   [ updated 14 Apr 2012, 14:09 by Gina-Luisa Hilborne ]
No it's not de ja vu I'm back again -Sadly things didn't quite work out for me  at my new home I tried but I just didn't like one of the older huskies and I'm ashamed to say I bullied her all the time so Auntie said it wasn't fair on her and I had to come back my new mum agreed even though she was very very sad and cried lots. I dont mind I'm back with FM and all my pals that's the good bit about being a husky we don't do sad good byes we always look forward never back.
So here I am ready and waiting for my new forever home I did get on well with the other old husky so perhaps I would be better with just one friend or none either will be cool and if the latter then I want my human about most of the time please.
Any way I am really nice and Im pretty and I love people and fuss and Im a good girl.