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 Tyne & Wear
Eric & Ernie have been together since they very young pups and have always relied on each other for comfort and support. However it would seem that they are now gaining in confidence and it may in the right circumstances that they could be separated. ERIC will need another dog for company and easygoing friendly one he likes the foster homes girl Siberian. Ernie would require a pet human and possibly another dog as well. Either way Ernie will need a Human most of the time.

ERIC (white)  7 years old

ERIC is a tall boy with such a gentle soul. he love to play with other dogs but is also happy to just lie in the garden soaking up some rays. He loves to have a cuddle and will always try to sneak up on the sofa when you're not watching. He loves going for long walks and taking part in some canicross. ERIC is quite content to be left in a crate for a couple of hours and will give you such big kisses when you come home.  A typical husky he loves to counter surf and bin dip so being careful with your food is a must. Sadly due to the nature of his past he is a little bit nervous of fast movements even from  Hoovers, mops and brushes but his confidence has been coming on leaps and bounds with lots of reassurance
ERIC will brighten your day every day xxxxxxxx

ERNIE (red and white) 8 years old

Little ERN is a cheeky chappy who isn't afraid to let you know what he wants, he does a little dance and howl which is so funny to watch. He's always up for a cuddle and is quite happy to keep your feet warm for you whilst you watch telly. He is very good with other dogs although he will let them know when he's had enough. ERNIE will probably benefit from having a forever home where there is someone around most of the time as he craves to be with his human and doesn't like to be left on his own for more than an hour or so. A typical husky he loves to counter surf and bin dip so you have to make sure everything edible and inedible is hidden away in a safe place. Still young at 8 this little lad loves to go for long walks and 
canicross (jogging) ERNIE likes to sleep high up on top of his crate instead of in it and the patio table is also a favourite spot of his.  
He's such a handsome boy and loves everyone (especially if you've got cheese).  xxxxx