DAVE adopted

posted 16 Mar 2013, 15:44 by Unknown user   [ updated 16 Apr 2013, 15:07 ]

A'wigh? me name's Dave an I've just arrived at me foster family. This is me little girl holding me up which is why I looks s'big but I's actually quite a tiddla.
Jus' sows you knows there is nuffing wrong wiv me eye Auntie 'as been at photishop agin and she was suposta remove the red eye .... she gave me a pink one instead ! I dunno calls hersel a professional.
Anyhow you can see I'm a right Bobby Dazzler been in the work'ouse til the RSVP rescooed me and sent me here. They think they is gonna make a gent outta me ...yer right we'll soon see aba't vat.

PS quite like veese cuddle fings mind.