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MALE         10 YRS         HAMPSHIRE

June 2013
Well that special someone never came for me, after 3 years in foster care I am now poorly with liver failure and my time is short. I will stay with my lovely Foster Mums in what has now become my forever home. I am happy here and they love me and I love them. Auntie says I can until the Angels call me to the Bridge. If you would like to donate some money towards my medication which is keeping me comfortable so I can still play and have cuddles I would appreciate it. 
Wanted: Forever home for handsome older male, loves to play and run, loving and cuddly, quick to learn and please.

‘I need someone who’s patient and kind to love me, and who will give me a chance to settle with them as I’m a  nervous boy to start with. My foster mum thinks I’m lovely  I’ve been with her a couple years she says I’ve got ‘personality’ – I feel like a TV star! so why doesn't anyone want me?

She thinks it’s probably best if I look for a home with adults so there’s less noise about to frighten me, and is really proud that I’m now fully housetrained and can be left up to 5 hours at home with a good bone and a partner, and I don’t chew the house down. I usually spend the day sleeping in my crate and relaxing, waiting for foster mum to come home and fuss me.

I’m currently living with an older girl, she’s definitely top dog and puts me in my place which is good, but she doesn’t like to play as much as I do, so I’d be quite happy to find another younger girl to hang about with and impress.

I’m not so keen on other boys in the house, and also can be a bit over excited when I see other dogs on walks, I have worked hard on my manners on the lead and I try not to pull. I’ve been a racer in my early life, so you have to bear with me as old habits... but I don't run now I enjoy a nice walk or I can run off my energy in the garden with a football or you can chase me – that’s my favourite game!

I am on normal kibble and I  enjoy biscuits, pigs ears and bones!

If you think you might have room for me in your life, please contact the welfare lady. If it helps I can even do really good puppy eyes to persuade you how lovely I am?’

Love Darby xxx
Dictated but not typed