CHIBBS adopted

posted 3 Oct 2010, 14:14 by Unknown user   [ updated 13 Oct 2010, 03:14 by Gina-Luisa Hilborne ]
Hello my name is Chibbs (although FM says it should be Chubs - humpf) not my real name of course Auntie Welfare gives us nom de plumes which is foreign for Anyway My owner was unable to keep me so I have come to the seaside to stay only I find my self in a forest! go figure? apparantly Im a working breed!! OOKAAAY well I'll try anything once ..and do you know what?? they're right I am!! I really enjoyed it  but FM is right I do need to drop a few ounces first. 
Apparently Im having the snip next week well I don't mind a little bit off the sides but they better not take anything off the top!.
FM also says Im a tad spoilt not true I just know what I want and I want it now, also if I see it, it's mine and what  I want it I have simples. FM reckons Im gonna make some lucky person a lovely dog and to be honest I totally agree.
Lurve and Licks
Chibbs xx