BUCKET HEAD aka 0Little Boy Blue - Adopted by foster home

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Hello, well what a rotten name! Auntie can be quite mean at times :( not my fault my head is bigger than my body at the moment!
She was going to call me Photoshop because the photo below looks well photo-shopped from 2 different dogs see she is mean. My Foster mummy  calls me Little Boy Blue I like this but Auntie says she's already used it but I can have for my blog.

As you can see I have not had the best start  shall I tell you about it? are you sitting comfortably? - no? tough cos her I go...

I was found by a nice gentleman on his way home from work - I was playing running about in the Train Station Car park, I am very friendly so I went to say hello and he took me to the Pub for a drink ...Jolly nice of him I though given we'd just met ...any way a lovely lady works there and guess what? - no, you won't get it I will tell you she has huskies! She said I had Mange and was malnourished and had been dumped. SO she took me to see a Dr and then took me home and I had to have a BATH!!!! lots of them (Don't tell -but it was nice really as I stopped itching and my fur is growing back) and & I had food in my tummy and a warm bed and playmates. Unfortunately I couldn't stay for longer than a fortnight because of the nice lady's commitments. SO she phoned her friend who just happened to be Auntie Welfare and here I am at a lovely place  called a foster home I have a Foster Mum (FM ) and Foster Dad (FD) and a Foster Pack to teach me allsorts of stuff, there is yummy food and lots of space to run around. Nice lady's Animal Doctor said I was 3 months old! (silly person) FM reckons I'm 6 at least as I have my growed up teefs I'm also furrier than expected between you and me I think FM and Auntie are just a teeny bit disappointed I'm not smaller and balder! ..no pleasing some people is there? 
Auntie says I'm a lovely special boy just the same and I cried and howl last night (sshh I was a little scared)  so FM cuddled me and I felt all safe and warm like when I was with my real mummy(wonder where she went) and I fell asleep. So I know she likes me just the same. 

I have a really clever foster mum (Auntie is so jealous) you can follow my progress on

Little Boy Blue aka Bucket Head: My 5 new bestest friends

This is me

My name is Little Boy Blue, but you can call me “Spike”.  My favourite film is Gremlins and sometimes I pretend I am the really cool Gremlin called “Spike”….

“Spike the Gremlin” is the coolest and I wanted to be just like him when I grew up… That was until I met this super cool husky.  His name is “Kroi”, but you need to say Kree else he ignores you!  He is a big grey husky and he is so much fun to play with and do stuff with.  He is so fast and strong, but really chilled.  He is a super dude.  Sometimes he even lets me sleep with him.

My hero!
Where I live there is also a big brown husky and he is really cool too.  He is always asking me if I am okay and fusses around me.  Sometimes he tells me off when I do fun stuff, he says I am being naughty, but I just think he is a goody two shoes.

Me shouting at Krofti
There is also another husky that lives here, another grey one called Krofti with blue eyes just like me.  He doesn’t always want to play with me and gets grumpy when I shout at him.  Kez says he doesn’t trust me and I need to earn his trust by being a really good boy.  

When Krofti gets cross with me Kez pushes me away and stands between Krofti and me.  Krofti then goes away and sleeps and when he wakes up his eyes don’t look all spaced out like.  

I am trying to be a really good boy and I think Krofti is starting to like me ‘cos he came and slept beside me last night.  He thought I didn’t notice, but I peeked out my eyes and lay really still and pretended I was sleeping.  When he started snoring I fell asleep too.
See, he sneaked in beside me...

There is a Lady Human and Man Human that live here too.  I like them lots and lots!  They give me lots of really nice food and I no longer have a hungry tummy all the time.  I used to not get much food and always went to bed really hungry and cold ‘cos I didn’t have fur and my skin was all pink and red..  I think I scratched off all my fur as I was itchy all the time.  My fur is growing everywhere now even my ears feel warm!

I really like cuddling the Lady and Man Humans.  I like it best when I can climb on them and fall asleep with them holding me.  That’s what I used to do when I lived with another person.  My old Human person helped keep me warm and cuddled me ‘til I fell asleep.  The new Human people wait ‘til I fall asleep and then they put me on the fluffy bed in the corner.

I met lots of new people this week, but some of them ignored me.  I put on my happy smiley face and tried to jump up to say hello, but some of them just walked past.  Kez and Kroi don’t seem bothered when people ignore them, but I felt really sad as I want to say hello to everyone I see.

Me sleeping with my 3 of my new friends...
I met a really big dog the other day and was really scared.  It was ignoring its Human and it wouldn’t leave me alone even when I shouted at it.  Lady Human told it to go away and then it did and I snuggled up to her and tried to sit on her lap.  She smiled but wouldn’t let me and gave me a big feather to play with instead.  It was so much fun and I forgot about the scary dog.

Gotta go now as the big boy huskies want to race me to the top garden, they say they are going to help me be a really fast runner.  One day I would like to run with them ‘cos they go running for hours and hours with the Lady Human and are so happy when they come back.

Little Boy Blue xx


Oh dear just as i was enjoying running around and playing the vet gave us some bad news I have Hip dysplasia (unusual in a Siberian) and possibly elbow dysplasia (virtually unheard of) So I am staying with FM for now as she is helping me get strong. I will need a few pennies to help me have a good life so if you would like to follow my story and maybe spend a penny or two to help me meet me on my own page here:

Ps my real name is SPike sshhh don't tell ;)