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    MALE        1YR        LINCS

March 2013
This is me with my foster dad I am at last starting to gain weight and muscle he has been learning me how to be a proper sled dog by letting me have a go at training with his team. I'm a bit gangly at the moment but FD says I have the build and the head for it if some one wanted to help me learn more about it.

I am very good with children and other dogs I enjoy being a part of a family and will need to have a little bit more exercise than just a walk like jogging or  bikeing or scootering xx
UPDATE 07/01/13

Hello I've settled in really well Foster Mum says I'm lovely I'm friendly and playful, I get on with everybody two and four legged although I do forget my manners sometimes so I need to continue with my basic training. I am a little skinny so I need feeding up a bit. I am learning to work in harness Foster Dad says with my build and length of stride I should be a good runner
Well I've had quite a few journeys in a short  few months so Auntie and FM have given me a travelling name. Just arrived so I'm still unpacking. Need a bit of weight putting on apparently (they are just jealous because they don't!) I'm rather busy meeting everyone so no time for publicity shots sorry. Which means you are stuck with this and Aunties Photoshop skills or rather lack of them, she could have at least put me at the start of the Yukon Quest!
Anyhoo Foster Mummy (FM) says I'm a very gentle boy and I get on really well with her Huskies - it's true I am and I do I have made friends as there are huskies my age to play with and older ones to teach me stuff and younger ones that I can teach stuff to I like it here it is fun.