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 Hi doing really well now on grown up normal food and am really brave now I really do need my forever home now Im a big cuddle bear 
Well I really haven't had the best start in life I was an only puppy and my mummy was on a special drug to stop her having babies! so I have been born with a small bottom jaw which is called being undershot and I need to have softer food to eat. My ears are odd sizes too. I was very scared when I came into welfare to live with my foster family, but I fell in love  with my foster mum as she made me feel very safe. When I had my operation to remove my boy bits the vet found evidence that showed I had been kicked very hard when I lived with my old humans. Team Welfare are very cross with them and they say this is why I was so scared and preffered ladies.
BUT now I am getting to like everyone and I like other dogs, and play with them and I go for walks which I like lots not keen on this pulling people on a rig m'larky lazy lot make them walk I say; still the others seem to enjoy it me I just cheer from the side lines.
 Oh and I rather enjoy helping my Foster family fundraise for Welfare Foster Mum is the boss of that.                                          
This is me ( the good looking one on the left ) with Lex the number 1 fund raising dog and my friend.
PS Don't tell him I said I was better looking xx