ADELE - Adopted

posted 20 Jun 2011, 09:14 by Unknown user   [ updated 9 Jul 2011, 08:10 by Gina-Luisa Hilborne ]
Female     18 Months old     Wiltshire
 Hello my name is Adele. My owner had to move away to live with her family and I wasnt allowed out because of the nasty dogs next door, also nobody was around anymore to look after me and I got very upset. So I came to live with Foster Mum she has been very kind and helped me lots and I really want special people of my own again 
This is what my Foster Mummy says about me.
 She's fantastic with other Sibes and other dogs. She can be wary of people she's never met before. Has a habit of standing back and wagging her tail. Once she has met the person, she generally just wants to cuddle. Her timidness never lasts long!  She likes being groomed and handled but can get fidgety -  I believe this is due to her not having much experience in this area. She doesn't mind traffic and is a typical husky on the lead but perfect on the flexi!

She's still underweight so new owners will need to continue working on putting weight on her. She's a picky eater but will eat eventually so I use a timed regime of 15 minutes to eat it all otherwise it gets taken away.

She's very good at night and house trained. She's got a grasp of basic obedience and reacts to "sit", "lie down" without having to be bribed!

She is a little bit boisterous but she is a young dog. I haven't been able to assess her with children but I would recommend any new home has older children due to her boisterousness. She could live with or without other dogs and would be perfect for a "first time Sibe home"
Phew typing this was quite tiring I hope you liked all the nice things that FM said about me I used to have small people in my last home but as I can be bouncy perhaps children over 8yrs unless they are used to us siberians. hmm think I'll have a nap now. Please phone Auntie Sarah or Cilla if I can come live with you.
Adele xx