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SHYANNIE - RiP 30/12/12

posted 16 Dec 2012, 14:17 by Unknown user   [ updated 30 Dec 2012, 14:30 ]

Due to an accident our wee girl got out of the van and shocked and scared ran off, despite many friends searching and spotting her, she was finally found by the side of the road having been fatally hit by a car. We are all heartbroken but non so much as her foster family who are beside themselves with sorrow. Our beautiful sweet nosey parker have fun at the bridge til we meet again luv Auntie xx

I have spent my whole life on an Irish puppy farm. The man decided he had no use for us anymore and said if homes weren't found for us asap he would have us killed. All the UK Husky rescues got together and my sister/friend Kenzie came to SHCGB Welfare. I stayed with Auntie for a wee while I loved her huskies, but I was very shy around her unless she was slow with my food then I poked her with my nose!! I was also a little bit naughty as I have never been indoors before and there was lots of interesting things to steal and hide and chew. As Aunties place is a bit mad she decided I should go live with my new Foster Mum as it is more intimate and I could become more confident with her. Which I am doing I have even been on a fund raiser on a stake out and had lots of cuddles from strangers! I love walks and absolutely must have another dog for a friend of around the same age as I love to cuddle up and play and follow them about. I am a good girl now I don't steal  or chew and I am looking forward to my forever home. I will need a patient understanding home who will continue to help me gain in confidence and trust when it comes to humans. 
Oh and I'm rather a nosy parker