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               WELFARE SCHEME


Mission Statement

  • To promote responsible and humane behaviour towards the keeping, breeding and rehoming of Siberian Huskies; and to educate the public in matters pertaining to the Breed welfare in general and the prevention of cruelty and suffering in the Siberian Husky
  • To offer advice and appropriate support to, people considering re homing their husky. So that the dog may hopefully stay in the family.
  • To provide appropriate care, protection, rehabilitation, treatment and security, to those Siberian Huskies in need due to sickness, maltreatment, poor circumstances, ignorance or ill usage.
  • To rehome to appropriately checked homes, and to offer and provide follow up support and advice to all welfare dog owners.
  • To take back into care any SHCGB Welfare dog that cannot stay with its present home. The dog is to top priority
  • To initiate and provide fund raising opportunities for continued income.


PART AThe Siberian Husky Welfare Scheme
1.         The Siberian Husky Club of Great Britain (SHCGB) Committee will administer the welfare Scheme. The day-to-day running of the Scheme will be by the Welfare Secretary and Coordinators nominated and agreed by the SHCGB Committee. The Welfare Secretary and Coordinators will be SHCGB Club members.
2.        Siberian Huskies will be housed in Foster Homes or at approved kennels, at the expense of the SHCGB, and re-homed under the guidance, and at the discretion, of the Welfare Secretary and Welfare Coordinators.
3.         Financial records will be held by the SHCGB Treasurer in the name of The Welfare Fund and an income and expenditure reported with the Annual Club Accounts.
4.        The welfare Scheme will be funded by the donations and voluntary contribution from the members and participants in the Scheme, and through SHCGB Fundraising Activities.

PART B – Acceptance of a Siberian Husky by the SHCGB Welfare Scheme
1.        The SHCGB will accept into its Welfare Scheme any pure bred Siberian Husky. Proof of breeding will be established by production of the Kennel club Registration Certificate, Pedigree or by an Assessment of the dog, by a representative of the SHCGB Welfare Scheme or Committee member.
2.        The welfare Secretary will contact the breeder if a member, before the dog is placed in Welfare, regarding their rehoming responsibility. If the breeder is not able to re-home their dog and that the dog is taken into the Welfare Scheme, they will be asked by the Welfare Secretary to contribute to the welfare costs of rehoming their breeding.
3.        The registered owners of the dog must sign a relinquishment form before it can be accepted by the welfare Scheme. In some cases, this may not be possible due to urgency of removal of the dog. E.g., the dog’s life is under threat.
4.        Welfare procedures must be explained to all owners placing dogs into welfare.
5.        The collection of dogs will be done by Club members, on behalf of the welfare Scheme.
6.        Dogs will be held for a minimum of 14 days for assessment.
PART C - The Rehoming of Welfare Dogs

1.        The nominated SHCGB Welfare representative must assess all dogs before rehoming. Euthanasia on the grounds of temperament or health will be at the discretion of the welfare Secretary and at least one SHCGB Committee member.

2.        All dogs will be castrated /spayed: if bitches are within the twelve-week period of a season then they will be re-homed with an endorsement to be spayed at the earliest possible time. All dogs will have an up to date vaccination certificate.
3.        Any dog that is diagnosed with a medical problem and requires long-term treatment and medication those the SHCGB Welfare Scheme will consider paying for all the vet bills relating to this problem.
4.        The rehoming policy will be to match the right home with the right dog.
5.        All potential homes will be vetted and assessed, by an SHCGB Welfare representative and a report logged with the Adoption coordinator.
6.        All new owners must sign an SHCGB Welfare Adoption Form when rehoming a welfare dog. All Welfare dogs remain the property of the SHCGB. The Welfare Secretary on behalf of the SHCGB Committee will retain the Kennel Club registration certificates.
7.        The Donation fee will be calculated by the Welfare Secretary but not exceeding a maximum amount set by the SHCGB Committee. The new Owner will pay this to the SHCGB Welfare Scheme.
8.        A SHCGB Welfare representative should ideally visit all new owners approximately one month after rehoming a welfare dog or at least telephone.Each new owner will be given the name and telephone number of an experienced Siberian Husky owner near them for local help and advice. They will also receive a Welfare pack containing various information and a membership form  to join the Club. A copy of the welfare Policy and the adoption form they have signed. A New owner will also receive a Agria insurance free cover for 5 weeks with renewal option.
9.        The previous Owner/Breeder and Adopter remain anonymous
10.     All Welfare dogs will be allocated a SHCGB Welfare number. Welfare dogs with KC Papers will be issues a Welfare number with an A suffix for use at SHCGB rallies.


15.0 Welfare Scheme

15.1 The Club shall be responsible for a Welfare Scheme in accordance with its published Terms of Reference.

15.2 Siberian Huskies will be housed at the expense of the Club and re-homed at the discretion of the Welfare Secretary and the Committee of the Club.

15.3 Financial records will be held in the name of the Welfare Fund and an account of income and expenditure reported with the Annual Club Reports.

15.4. Dogs will be held in foster care and approved kennels countrywide.

15.5 Dogs will be re-homed without registration papers, but identified Kennel Club registered stock will be issued a Club Welfare Number for use at Club sponsored events.

15.6 Welfare dogs may be spayed/castrated at the discretion of the Welfare Secretary and Committee. The Welfare Secretary and Committee may also implement death by euthanasia on agreed dogs, if considered appropriate.

15.7 The Welfare Scheme will be funded by donations and voluntary contribution from members and participants.

15.8. All Club Members acting on behalf of the Welfare Scheme do so without any personal powers or rights over the dogs whilst in their care, either as foster homes or whilst transporting dogs at Welfare's request.